Flexiant Appoints US Reseller DSA Technologies

Flexiant Appoints US Reseller DSA Technologies
It will introduce Flexiants Extility cloud platform these clients, helping them to develop their own private and public clouds. Robert Karssiens, Flexiants Director of Sales & Marketing says: Resellers like DSA Technologies are essential to our
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Southern California Company Makes a Play for Cloud Based Storage and Online
The EVS platform details are available at http://evs.ibackup.com . The company is hosting an event called Cloud.e 2011 at Palo Alto, Four Seasons, CA on Aug 31st highlighting this launch. The Calabasas, CA company hosts its data at 4 data centers of
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Tier 3 Launches Client Backup App for Enterprise Cloud
Today at VMworld® 2011, Tier 3, Inc., an enterprise cloud platform provider, announced Client Backup, a secure, cloud-based file recovery application that ensures business continuity for users in the event critical data is accidentally deleted from
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Question by Raulknowsthings: What exactly is the sky,what is the chemical composition of it?
I know it’s a platform for clouds and it’s all clear when no clouds are in the sky,but what is the sky?how was it built?Thank you,this is a though one

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Answer by PaulCyp
There is no chemical composition of “sky” because “sky” is not a physical substance. There is a chemical composition of “air”, which is the principle physical component of what were usually refer to as “sky”. But we also use the term “sky” to refer to outer space, as “the stars in the sky”. In that case, what we are referring to as “sky” is largely vacuum, the absence of any physical substance.

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