Online Video Platform Company Brightcove Files For $50 Million IPO

Online Video Platform Company Brightcove Files For Million IPO
In May 2011, Brightcove announced the release of 'App Cloud', a software application development and management platform designed to help customers publish and distribute video through software apps across multiple Internet-connected devices.
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Integra Telecom Selects Palo Alto Networks as Platform for Delivery of Next
Integra Telecom Inc., a provider of business-grade networking, communications, and cloud solutions, has selected Palo Alto Networks and its enterprise-class firewall as the platform for Integra's planned Cloud Firewall Service product offering.
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Free Training Webinar: Automating ALM With Jenkins in the uberSVN Platform
CloudBees ( is the only cloud company focused on servicing the complete Java application lifecycle for cloud development and deployment — without any servers, any virtual machines or any IT staff. The CloudBees platform today
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Question by birthday dog: Should Obama run his re-election on a war platform like Bush did in 2003-2004 with the Iraq War?
Remember when the Bush Administration scared the hell out of America into voting for him with rhetoric like “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here,” “smoking guns and mushroom clouds” and “chemical and biological attacks?”

Should Obama run on this same kind of war platform to ensure his re-election?

Best answer:

Answer by Jimmy Carter’s second term
Go for it.

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5 thoughts on “Online Video Platform Company Brightcove Files For $50 Million IPO”

  1. He already is running it like that.

    All his speaches are about how we have to fight over there still.

  2. I would like him to run it from the rear platform of the first and last (for him) train to Chicago.

    He must read up again from the textbook of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which he used so well to lure and assemble his little victims (animals and people). Except his flute is broken.

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