How do I make my web server accessible from the cloud?

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Question by Chip: How do I make my web server accessible from the cloud?
Hello all, IT n00b here….

I’m trying to set up a web server so that I can earn a little cash hosting sites for people in the neighborhood. However, I’m having problems making the machine accessible from outside my LAN.

I have a dynamic IP address and my ISP blocks ports 80 and 8080, so I’m using No-IP’s service to host dynamic DNS and to redirect requests to port 75, which has been forwarded in my router and given access by my firewalls. I’ve also checked and made sure my hosting programs are listening on port 75.

Even when I call up my external IP directly I’m still not able to connect. The same machine also hosts FTP services, which work just fine, if it makes any difference.

Any help from IT pros would be appreciated – this is my first foray into web hosting.
Thanks for the help! To answer your question, adding :75 to the end does not help at all. As for the network infrastructure, the server is hardwired into the router directly. The firewalls involved are the router itself and a software firewall on the machine. I’ve enabled the ports and the server app on both firewalls.

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Answer by Pushthebutton
wel to diagnose this further information are need . Eg network infrastucture setup , firewall etc

Quick question : Are you able to access your website if you put :75

Eg :

let me know the results , we can work it out

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