Epicor ® Announces Cloud Computing Solution for Distributors

Epicor ® Announces Cloud Computing Solution for Distributors
small, midsize, and enterprise) and deployment models (ie, multi-tenant SaaS, hosted, and on-premise) from a single code-line, making it the first of its type to offer businesses the choice and flexibility of both on-premise and Cloud Computing.
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Increased Spending on Video Conferencing Forecasted by Leading Analyst Firms
Nefsis, a technology specialist in video conferencing software and cloud computing online services, predicts an ever-increasing role to be played by cloud-based solutions in the next few years, having seen its product mix shift from 50 percent
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Question by MrsNickJonas: Can someone give me a good description and some good information about Cloud Computing?
I am doing an essay on cloud computing and i need some good information and a good definition of cloud computing!
can someone please help me!

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Answer by Flying Puppy
Cloud computing is just another name for network-based computing. It’s when your computer runs software that is on the internet rather than software that’s on your hard drive. You know all those little APS on the iPhone? Those are all cloud computing. And when you use one of those internet “back-up” sevices–that’s cloud computing tool.
I’ve attached an article below that describes it a little better and who is involved in this technology.
Good luck on the paper.

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