Q&A: Windows vs Linux cloud hosting a voip and udk question?

Question by Will: Windows vs Linux cloud hosting a voip and udk question?
Hi guys!

I am currently rethinking my hosting solution. I have 5 websites and am looking to expand to a 6th, I want to also have a vent, irc and teamspeak server.

As you can imagine, outsourcing all these seperately is expensive.

I have had practice using a local Ubuntu box with putty to get a feeling for setting these things up, progress is slow at times but steady, and I’m feeling confident enough to go for a cloud host.

However, I would like to take a step away from web development for a while and give the udk a go. Do you guys know if Linux will be able to handle any servers written with the udk? Also can Linux support vent and ts? (I’m sure it’ll be happy with irc)

Thanks for your time!
Just to be completely clear by UDK I mean the unreal development kit. I’m sure you understood that but I’m such a Linux noobie it could stand for something else hehe

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Answer by Host.co.in
So far your requirements are concerned, preferring UDK will be better option for you and though its critical with Linux, it can be handle the servers written with UDK.

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