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Acesse um sistema operacional online através do seu navegador! Este é o futuro, e o futuro é Código Aberto! Cloud Computing! Computação na nuvem!

Books & Media Move to the Clouds; Apple, Amazon, Walmart Fight for Market Share
NDP Group recently released a survey by, finding that most people don't have a strong understanding of cloud computing, despite the increasing dependence that everyone has on cloud-based information systems. According to the Apple Insider blog,

Weetabix moves to cloud computing based procurement
By Leo King | Published: 09:05 GMT, 22 August 11 | Computerworld UK Weetabix is set to migrate its procurement systems to a cloud computing environment, after signing a contract with supplier Wax Digital. The cereal manufacturer, owned by private
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Question by Daddy G: What are some of the considerations when using cloud computing?
Does cloud computing help to resolve the peak period demand? How is cloud computing related to infrastructure?

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Answer by JWLTude
Cloud is great for cutting IT cost. It sucks for security.

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