Macheen's Mobile Cloud-in-a-Box Goes Live with Sprint

Macheen's Mobile Cloud-in-a-Box Goes Live with Sprint
By Scott M. Fulton, III / August 19, 2011 2:35 PM / 0 Comments This post is part of our ReadWriteCloud channel, which is dedicated to covering virtualization and cloud computing. The channel is sponsored by Intel and VMware. Read the white paper about
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Save Money on Cloud Computing and Google Apps | Webcast
Moving to the cloud and Google Apps yields many benefits: a streamlined IT infrastructure, a platform for innovation and increased employee satisfaction to name but a few. And significant cost savings don't hurt either. In this live workshop,
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Question by regina_noviello: How is cloud computing related to information security?
I’m trying to understand more about technology, and from what I know so far, cloud computing is a “plum-pudding” model of information access. By that I mean there is a pool of computing giants (such as Microsoft and Google) that allow their users to have access to their services, but not know anything about how that information came to be. If this is wrong, please explain that in your answer too.

My question specifically asks that if so many different users can access the information that anyone else can access, how is security even possible?

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Answer by G
Check Wiki a lot of info there.

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