Logicalis Deploys Modular Cloud in One Month

Logicalis Deploys Modular Cloud in One Month
Global IT solutions specialist Logicalis is the latest company to adopt a modular data center model, deploying its enterprise cloud computing platform in an i/o Any where module at the i/o Phoenix data center, the company said today.
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Understanding Cloud Computing
What i? Cloud Computing? (Slightly obvious but on? wh??h w? should re?ll? start with) A. Cloud Computing is, ?n basic terms, computing over th? internet. It ?ll?w? y?u t? access your e-mail, documents, software, even y?ur desktop ?n line,
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Amazon cloud measures up to enterprise at last
But Amazon's cloud has come a long way, and signs indicate that it may have arrived. Of course, it's always going to be a mixed bag. Cloud computing infrastructure is simply off the table for many enterprises, no matter how enterprise-friendly it's
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Question by pavan: how cloud computing work practically and how much it is feasible?
lots of i am hearing about cloud computing now a days.
i googled but not found one good example.
can you explain how it works in simple way.

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Answer by Zarn
Cloud computing works fairly well in practice, and it is very feasible. It isn’t really a new idea – grid computing is the older term for something very similar or identical to cloud computing. Here’s a good example of an introductory article for cloud computing: http://webtrends.about.com/od/enterprise20/a/cloud-computing.htm

In a simple way? If you buy access to computing resources ‘in the cloud’, virtual machines are created that you get access to as if they were physical machines, in which you do your computing. Basically. Of course, data lock-in is a major factor in cloud computing, as is the transfer of honking big data sets.

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