Cloud Box Does Virtualization Sans SAN

Cloud box does virtualization sans SAN
Also from Aster Data, where he was director of product management, Singh had previously been part of Oracle's early cloud computing efforts. The three cofounders got their seed funding from private investors in May 2010, and pulled in $ 13.2m in Series
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VMware Enlists Dell to Help Wage 'Operating Systems War' in Cloud Business
EnStratus Networks LLC, which lets companies manage cloudcomputing software, also will support Cloud Foundry. VMware is forging alliances to capitalize on the shift to cloud computing, which lets businesses keep information in data centers.
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`Public cloud providers must take data loss liability'
Paul Maritz , CEO of VMware, the leader in virtualization technology, which is the foundation of cloud computing, says public cloud providers need to take responsibility for any loss of client data if enterprises are to embrace public clouds.
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Question by J Jo: What is the best cloud cloud computing software?
Hi guys,

I was reading up a bit on cloud computing and I really want to realise it’s potential but I don’t know what software to go for. Ideally I want something light and easy to use any suggestions?

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  1. Justin says:

    Ok so I’ve tried so far a few of thse: Jolicloud and Good os, but they are both linux versions and for the normal user isn’t that keen on linux.

    Although i did come across a software called cnap&go that would run on top of windows and would have all the little programs you need (like word processor and spreadsheets) and also gives you like a gig of space to host your files on. It works by keeping it on a USB stick and it works on every computer you plug it in to.

    I’ve got a link here:

    So far they’re still in beta but i don’t know, i kind of like it. I guess it’s a matter of preference. Give it a try for yourself.

  2. Jodie says:

    Depending on what you need in a solution would help determine what Cloud solution is the best. Microsoft covers business software, CRM, ERP, development and virtualization in the Cloud. Other providers will offer something more specific based on their focus.