Three Cloud Computing Stocks That Could Be Takeover Candidates

Three Cloud Computing Stocks That Could Be Takeover Candidates
While investors are focusing on the mobile handset makers today it is the cloud computing stocks that should be watched as takeover candidates. In 2010, the cloud computing stocks where getting taken over by many of the old technology giants.
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Mobility, Cloud Top Tech Trends For Solution Providers To Watch
By Andrew R Hickey, CRN Mobility and cloud computing are among the top five technology trends that have seen dramatic year-over-year growth, according to a recent report released by cloud solution provider Bluewolf. In its 2011-2012 Technology Outlook,
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Question by hulk6974: How can companies benefit from using Cloud Computing?
I am doing a research paper on cloud computing. I want to talk about how companies can use cloud computing and how it can benefit them. Also if anyone has any info on what kinds of app or software you can use in the cloud that would be appreciated. Thanks
even though a business will you the servers from the companies, don’t they still need to have a local back up?

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Answer by Kenneth
Cloud computing is simply storing data and useing apps on someone else’s server. Pretty much every app that Google offers is in essence cloud computing. For a business, they can pay only for the capacity that they use. They don’t need to go invest in hardware, electricity to run it, cooling etc… so it costs a business a lot less money. If the business needs huge quantities or space/bandwidth, they do not have to build a facility to house their servers. They get it all for a feee that they pay someone.

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