Q&A: Is Steam a Cloud Server Like Onlive?

Question by Lost Soul: Is steam a cloud server like onlive?
Does steam have that cloud gaming thing where no matter how crappy your pc is you can still play with good fps but just need fast connection speed ?

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Answer by Hanyuu
No. That would never work with most Steam games.

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  1. Pedo Bear says:

    Probably. I had steam on my old PC which had less than 1 GB of Ram and I got REALLY GOOD framerate. It’s probably the best framerate I ever had when playing video games on that computer!

  2. Domenic says:

    No, Steam does not behave in this way. It is a free application/service with a store where you purchase games and they’re downloaded and installed on your PC to play. It also has various other features like a browser and means of voice- and text-based chat with your friends that also use the service.