Martineau Chooses Virtustream's xStream For Enterprise Cloud Computing

Martineau Chooses Virtustream's xStream For Enterprise Cloud Computing
Currently, Martineau is in the process of migrating its infrastructure onto Virtustream's xStream enterprise cloud platform. “Cloud computing has proven to deliver tangible benefits for organisations, but migrating to the cloud is a major undertaking,
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Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Powers EmblemHealth Mobile Apps
New York-based insurer EmblemHealth is using Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform to build apps that allow patients to locate flu shot providers and retrieve temporary health plan IDs. Insurance company EmblemHealth, which offers the HIP Health
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Question by Atlas: Are you impressed with the newest Windows 7 upgrades? How does the “cloud” work?
I have a Macbook Pro and am considering installing Parallels and Windows 7. I really love the Mac platform and doubt I’ll use Windows 7 too often, but my dad already has all the software with extra licenses so I thought it might be worth installing. I’m mainly just interested because of the commercials I keep seeing about “the cloud.” What’s your opinion of it?

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Answer by Hugh
It can’t hurt to have Windows, and Windows7 is the best windows yet.
The “cloud” may be the future of computing. The idea is that your data and apps are located remotely, on a server or site somewhere such that all you need is a web browser and a computer to get things done.
Google Docs and MS Sky drive are good examples.

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