Cloud hosting is the real world

The “cloud” is the connected servers that allow a website to process with the power of many servers and utilize the all resources of the server group in real time. This is . A website hosted on uses a group of clustered servers to enhance its performance.


is beneficial to everyone. Start-ups can keep costs down by storing most of their resources like applications and data in the cloud.


Research projects can be speed up by accessing online libraries, collecting and editing reports in the cloud itself.


Companies can eliminate capital investments like purchasing state-of-the-art servers for storing their client data and service applications. Rather cloud servers can handle these tasks thus freeing the companies to concentrate on providing best quality services to their clientele.



The user need not have knowledge of complex cloud computing technologies rather the implementation details are best handled by the cloud providers while the corporate can focus on providing best quality services to their clients and individual users can use the cloud services at their convenience on pay-per use basis.


Cloud computing also facilitates instant scalability whereby companies can demand higher or lower cloud resource provision in an instant depending on the current demand. You’ll never need to over-provision again. allows you to scale your service at virtually any time, so you pay-as-you-grow.  This saves unnecessary overheads like training additional personnel, maintaining extra infrastructure like servers and purchasing costly licensed software.


Cloud computing will enable users to run operating systems from the cloud on the go rather than from their desktops. Companies will no longer need to maintain huge data-centers rather they can adopt a lean and mean approach to their businesses. This is what you can say a prominent future plan which enables you to use this service in a very easy manner.


There will be no more data loss and extended down time. All data on cloud is automatically mirrored across the network it resides on.


Traditional backups only protect your files. Actually restoring and using the data is complicated at best. In contrast, is a complete executable instance of your application with all of its data. Every time you need you can roll to a running version of your application that runs when restored and includes all the data from that period.

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Question by John: Best Type of Hosting for Website: Amazon Cloud, or Dedicated Server?
I currently have a shared hosting plan, and I know I will eventually outgrow it. What is the best option? A dedicated server, or Amazons EC2 cloud hosting? I want something relatively inexpensive, yet scalable enough so that my sites won’t get slow on days when they are busy. I mostly run content-only sites, so I don’t typically get huge spikes in traffic.

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Answer by Ricardo H
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