Axeda, Walsh Vision Deliver Cloud Telematics Solutions

Axeda, Walsh Vision Deliver Cloud Telematics Solutions
By Rajani Baburajan Axeda (News – Alert) Corporation, a cloud platform provider for machine-to-machine (M2M) application development, has formed a partnership with Walsh Vision, a systems integrator specializing in the delivery of innovative cellular
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10 Reasons For Choosing Google Apps Over Microsoft Office 365
Furthermore, this subscription at $ 6/user/mo. does not include many platform essentials such as Office Web apps, which are required to take advantage of anywhere-access cloud capabilities within the suite. Though Office 365 does tout their
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Question by Gammer: Which is best platform for cloud computing ?
1) Windows Azure
2)Google App engine
4)Amazon’s EC2

Thanks in advance

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Answer by Germann A
Read this and think what cloud computing is, then the answer may come to you

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  1. NarainB says:

    It depends on the number and size of applications you want to put in the cloud. I approach Cloud by setting my goals: Ease of developing new application, ease of converting existing application, scalability and competitive needs. All the platforms are new. Google App engine is good for adding to their exiting application set and generally easy to integrate with commonly used Google Doc, Gmail, Google Chrome, android, etc. It is good for small business. Azure is another Microsoft layer to integrate with their existing application sets like Office but also provide full data centers for much larger porting of current networks. It is an option for large scale development or conversion of a large worldwide, load responsive system. Unlike Google which is mostly open systems oriented, Azure will lead to a vendor lock-in; much harder to extricate if you want to, bigger learning curve and yes it is likely to be a ‘buggy’ system like all Microsoft products. was among the first to develop cloud based, CRM solution and has been very successful. If your application is CRM oriented you may have better start with Amazon is simply a cloud infrastructure like renting servers as utilities–pay as you use. I think you need to set your goals and then start looking. The whole space is evolving and still not well defined. Redhat just announce their JBoss, Platform as a Service or PAAS system. HP has announce a new system. Larry Ellison recently said at a conference something to the effect that Cloud Comuting is a a big Buzz about nothing, we have been doing it for years but since it is fashion, we will have a Cloud announcement. I am interested in small nonprofit space. I would start with Google, Amazon and force for ease of learning curve, deployment and avoiding hardware ownership.