IceWEB Setting Target to Take Lead in the Cloud Computing Market

IceWEB Setting Target to Take Lead in the Cloud Computing Market
This dependence and usage is expected to rise further with the advent of cloud computing – a concept that is soon going to become mainstream and is expanding the breadth of its domain. Industry majors such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle (News – Alert),
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iCloud: It's not the cloud, but it's good for the cloud
However, this synchronization service could be delivered to an audience that has yet to understand what cloud computing is, let alone know if they should accept it into their homes and offices. A recent survey from the NDP Group found that just 22
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The RENT methodology is particularly effective for large enterprise customers looking to move multiple applications to the cloud (eg Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, etc). "Although the economics of cloud computing are compelling, the market is fragmented,
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Cloud computing shines on Portland startups AppFog and Cedexis
Launched two years ago, the company's services help very large organizations maintain global websites and cloud computing networks. "Our customers tend to be fairly large, Fortune 1000 companies that are very concerned about global performance," said

Question by garlin104300: CLOUD COMPUTING?????????????
How can you protect your company from an outage caused by such an issue with cloud computing?

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  1. Hugh says:

    You can’t protect your computer, but you can protect your data.

  2. modulo_function says:

    Cloud computing is a big scam. The promoters want you to store you data with them and they control you access. It’s a return to the past. When I started programming in 1971 everything was on a main frame and all we could do was use punch cards that the operators at the computer center would input and we’d return hours later to get out output. Things improved to the point that a user has his own data on his own machine, or a local network, and his own programs. Look at the big promoters of cloud computing: they”re the people that want to make money off storing you data and programs with them. Listen carefully to their ads for the “prices subject to change without notice”. That’s you clue to avoid it.