Semi Dedicated Hosting Affordable Prices and Excellent Services

Vexxhost Semi Dedicated Hosting $ 35.00/mo

Vexxhost semi dedicated hosting is a cloud infrastructure which designed to be exactly the same as other web hosts, so there are no complications in getting started. Vexxhost Semi Dedicated hosting affordability allows the customers to use enterprise proven technology at the same regular cost of web hosting which is $35 monthly.

Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting Is A Shared Dedicated Web Host But with Better Cost

The semi-dedicated web hosting could be regarded as a shared dedicated hosting. It is in reality a hybrid of shared and dedicated web hosting. It is similar to dedicated hosting within a way the hybrid supplies the strength and reliability of this hosting kind, whereas shared hosting has a couple of (limited) variety of users. Such hosting service gives a number of noticeable features. Semi or shared dedicated hosting will be thought to be an upgraded form of shared hosting. It gives unlimited disk area and backup storage opportunities. Not like shared hosting, there are no drawback of bandwidth usage. It allows you to have unlimited upload and down load opportunity. The unlimited bandwidth never reduces the speed, even throughout the down times. It also gives limitless hosting in addition to sub-domains…more

How Egypt pulled its Internet plug

To sever its link with the outside digital world, Egypt “raised the drawbridge” in mere minutes by forcing the country’s providers to make simple changes to their routers, experts said on Friday. “The major Egyptian networks stopped announcing what networks they represented to the rest of the world,” said Andree Toonk, the founder and lead developer of the open-source BGPmon, a tool for monitoring BGP, or “border gateway protocol,” the protocol at the core of the Internet’s routing mechanism…more

Global CIO: SAP Transformed: From Stuffy ERP To Real-Time iPad Analytics

In any context, SAP’s fourth quarter was a memorable one: revenue up 25% with strong contributions from all product lines, all geographies, industry verticals, and customer size. That aggressive close capped off a tumultuous year for the world’s largest enterprise-software company that began with the ouster of one CEO and the appointment of two new ones who have overhauled why the company develops products, how the company develops products, how it engages with customers, how it presents itself to the world, and how it defines the value it delivers to more than 100,000 SAP customers across the globe…more

Prepare your network now for the cloud, says analyst

Cloud computing is increasingly revolutionizing the way enterprise networks operate. But an industry analyst warns it isn’t as simple as forwarding applications to a service provider. Many organizations aren’t planning ahead far enough into the future when preparing for cloud computing, he says. Far from simplifying the network public and private clouds add a new layer of complexity…more