Semi Dedicated Hosting Plan

Vexxhost Introduces Semi Dedicated Hosting Plan

Vexxhost web hosting introduces a new plan for $35.00 monthly for semi dedicated hosting  to target all small and med-sized businesses. The business plan comes with wide amount of resources includes 60 Gb of data space, 1000 Gb monthly of Data Transfer , unlimited email accounts, Unlimited mySQL databases and Free domains. Another plans are available for those websites that need Cloud Hosting plus huge resources enables websites to get online very fast and professionally with 24/7 customer support giving you a peace of mind knowing that support is there whenever they need.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website Step 4 – Content Optimization

This is perhaps the single most important aspect of ranking your websitehighly on the search engines. While all of the factors covered in this series will help get your website into the top positions, it is your content that will sell your product or service and it is your content that the search engines will be reading when they take their “snapshot” of your site and determine where it should be placed in relation to the other billions of pages on the Internet….read the article

Can’t Host That

Believe it or not, there are files you probably should not upload to the server you host your website from. Not only could you get in trouble with your web host by doing so, but you could also be putting your own security at risk. On today’s podcast we will go over some of the files you should not host and my favorite way to back up personal files remotely and securely. The Web Hosting Show is on the air…read more

WHIR Magazine, October 2008: Big Money and Web Hosting

We didn’t set out to address a specific theme with our October 2008 issue, but in setting out to address what we considered to be several of the big issues of the moment, our thinking gathered around a distinct theme. Those issues included, first, how the growing interest of outside investment is affecting attitudes and objectives within the hosting business, and second, how trading publicly has affected the appearance of Rackspace, to investors and to others in the hosting business…read more

Based Storage Virtualization Software Designed to Meet the Evolving Demands of Virtual Servers

Most data storage technologies deployed with virtual servers today were not designed specifically for server virtualization, and were designed based on assumptions that are true for physical servers, but are false for a virtual data center. Virtualization exposes new challenges for storage, creating a barrier to the full virtualization of data centers. These challenges include virtual machine (VM) sprawl which can consume 30% more storage than physical servers, storage performance problems that can reduce server I/O throughput by up to 80%, an increase in storage management complexity that leads to increases in administrative headcount and application performance issues, and excessive storage capital and operating costs…read more

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