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Google Chrome 8

With Chrome, Google single-handedly set off a revolution in the Web surfing software on several fronts: Its blazingly fast JavaScript performance kicked competitors like Firefox (Free, 4.5 stars), Internet Explorer (Free, 4 stars), Safari (Free, 4 stars), and Opera into a speed race. It also started the trend of minimizing the application’s window to let the Web page shine unimpeded. The current release takes this to the extreme, with but a single menu button. It’s also the most frequently updated browser, now at version 8 after a little over 2 years of existence…read more

Google Admits To Private Data Snooping

Just when you thought Google’s StreetView service was out of trouble, along comes a further investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Then, the press gets wind of this, whips up a media storm, and Google is once more left wondering how many users have lost trust in both the service and the company itself…read more

Skype faces China ban as iPhone debuts video conferencing

Internet voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony service Skype could be banned in China as the government cracks down on what it calls illegal internet telephone providers. According to a government circular, authorities are collecting evidence for legal cases against providers, reports the Reuters news agency…read more

How to Make a Mac Pro Wireless

Current Mac Pros come with AirPort Extreme 802.11n wireless, already equipped. (You can double-check that the AirPort card is present in your Mac Pro by opening the System Profiler application and clicking AirPort in the column on the left.) Check your menu bar for the AirPort logo (it’s shaped like a baseball diamond), and click it to turn AirPort on. The Mac will scan for wireless networks, and if your Netgear router is in range, you can select it, enter your network’s password, and you’ll be connected…read more

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