Cloud Hosting Performance

Vexxhost Refined Cloud Hosting Performance and Protection

Vexxhost Corporation Launches a partnership with CloudFlare to offer refined web site performance and protection for Vexxhost customers for free. Vexxhost web hosting offers the latest enterprise and stable technologies to their clients at low cost. Starting from shared web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting all up until cloud hosting. Their high quality service coupled with their affordable pricing makes them a high contender in a saturated market.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting comes with certain benefits. Perhaps two of the most commonly regarded benefits of using this host type are the cost efficiency and scalability. When it comes to cost efficiency, cloud hosting sites charge users by the amount of processing power that they use. Meaning it’s like your electricity bill, the more you use the higher the bill. This can save you quite a pretty penny since your bill is purely according to your active use of the servers, meaning you’re not paying for something that you’re not using…read more

Cloud Computing And Developers

Cloud Computing is spreading and impacting business models of IT companies already established. In the short term will likely see the implementations of solutions in Cloud complementing the existing solutions in the traditional model. But in the long run the cloud model will gradually replace the current computer model. However, its effects are already being felt. Recently Microsoft had to bend to this new environment, and also started giving this model its Office suite, its main source of revenue, which generated revenue in billion dollars in 2009…read more

Steps in Looking For a Green Web Hosting Company

When people go online, many see the convenience behind the flow of communication and information that issues on the environment may get set aside. Few people may be conscious of it, but logging online, especially for office set-ups, demands a lot of energy. An office usually has a set of computers, networks and servers that consume energy. In fact, the more a person uses the Internet on the office, the more energy is used…read more 

The Cloud Servers Can Change The Fate Of Your Business

It is easy to criticize something that you have nothing to do with it. But most of the time criticism helps people to get rid of their blunders by applying the principles mentioned in the criticism. However, when criticism is applied to the internet services in general and dedicated server hosting in particular, we come to know that the criticism is legal in any sense of the word. The critics say about the best dedicated servers are those which have few qualities which are paramount to their credit…read more 

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