Shared Hosting Holiday Sale

Vexxhost Holiday Season Cheers

Vexxhost Web Hosting with 75% discount during the season holidays; offers all the necessary features  for shared web hosting, plus unlimited hosted domains, 99.9% up-time guarantee and anytime money back guarantee.  There are no setup fees and there are no hidden fees.

Linux Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web internet hosting is a kind of internet internet hosting in which the account proprietor has the facility to use his/her assigned tough drive area, and bandwidth to host web-sites on behalf of 3rd events. To accomplish this, the reseller procures the host services in the wholesale type and later on sells them to the users at a profit. A certain portion of the purchased onerous drive room is kept by the reseller him/herself…read more

Reseller Hosting Can be a New Career Choice for Web Designers

When we talk about the web hosting industry, we generally can think of two classes- the provider and the client side. One offer the service, while the other utilizes it to run his or her business online. But actually, there is a third side to it too or one can say a service model that lies between these two sides i.e reseller hosting. This is a competent yet easy-to handle business model that can anytime be blended with any other business model, enabling owner to earn doubled profits…read more

Web Hosting Bandwidth Explained

Bandwidth is physically consist of a bunch of network wires or fiber optic cables connecting the servers to a network. Depending on the grade of the network wire installed, hence, it can determines how much data is coming across the network where your website is hosted. When someone trying to get more data than it can be handled by the network, the entire network will slows down very much…read more

Greengeeks Reseller Web Hosting Reviewed

Since internet hosting is the biggest online business today, it wouldn’t hurt if you do a little business within internet hosting as well. In reseller internet hosting, an account owner can use the allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host other websites in behalf of third parties. In other words, anybody can subscribe to this type of hosting and sell the host’s services to other customers as well. As a result, the reseller does not only catch free internet hosting services from the reseller account, but may generate profit too. Thus, it is not surprising why this form of hosting is very popular nowadays…read more

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