Cloud Web Hosting

Vexxhost Cloud Web Hosting Support Team Ready to Move Customers New Sites For Free

Vexxhost;  a north American web hosting provider; Support Team offers to move their new customers web sites with no additional money to Vexxhost servers.  This offer is for Cloud web hosting which is designed to offer a redundant solution for users who can not tolerate any downtime The company promise to keep the customers satisfaction as top priority with 100% Uptime, any time Money Back Guarantee, True 24/7/365 Support and Daily Backups.

Why NASA Mars Lab Turns to Cloud Computing

The NASA team behind the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers–the Jet Propulsion Laboratory–has announced a move to cloud computing. What’s wonderful is that the lab’s reasons behind the move are exactly the same as those of any other organization: It needs the capability to add and remove computing capacity when required, without the expense and time incurred in setting up servers or data centers…read more

CSC Showcases Cloud Computing and Virtualization Success with Double Industry Awards for Work with UK Department of Health and Royal Mail Group

CSC announced today that it received the “Public Sector Outsourcing Project of the Year” and “Innovation in Outsourcing” awards at the 7th annual National Outsourcing Association’s (NOA) Best Practice in Outsourcing Awards. CSC was the only organization to receive awards in two categories this year…read more

White House Proposes Cloud Security Standards

The Obama administration is looking to take some of the risk out of cloud computing by proposing a set of standard security requirements that would apply to all federal agencies and contractors…read more

Cloud Hosting Opens the Doors to New Technology

Businesses who choose to embrace cloud hosting gain access to a range of different technologies, it has been claimed. According to a editorial, the platform allows users to manage and share large amounts of distributed data, while security, load balancing and server resources are handled virtually…read more

Intel and IT End-Users Launch Open Data Center Alliance

As the technical advisor for the organization, Intel will which has an initial membership comprised of 70 companies.  The group is led by a steering committee composed of BMW, China Life, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, National Australia Bank, Shell, Terremark and UBS …read more