Vexxhost Encouraging Customers to Use Cloud Hosting

Vexxhost Offers  Customized Cloud Hosting Servers

Vexxhost, a north American company known for high quality cloud hosting; encouraging their customers transfer from virtual and dedicated servers to join their incredible offer by buying a customized cloud server starting at $11.87/month with full storage, network & platform redundancy and 100% uptime guarantee.


Bet on Microsoft’s Cloudy Forecast

Redmond’s massive investment in forward-thinking cloud infrastructure is spreading across the globe, indicating that Microsoft will be worth partnering with for years to come…read more


Investment Firm Bridgepoint Acquires UK Host Lumison

UK managed hosting provider Lumiso announced on Monday it has been acquired by investment firm Bridgepoint Development Capital for an undisclosed sum…read more

French Web Hosting Market Offers Growth Opportunities

 Standing out as a unique opportunity in the greater European hosting landscape, the French Web hosting market, according to experts, is a growing market for hosted services. However, they say new entrants should take a nuanced approach suited to its differences…read more

6 Technologies that Will Change Web Hosting

Web hosting technology develops at a rapid pace. So much so that often what is new technology today is old news tomorrow.  As more and more business start to see the value derived from operating online, web hosting will continue to evolve and develop at a dramatic pace. Many businesses will be able to take advantage of this and gain a more global reach while at the same time cutting costs and improving efficiency…read more

Amazon Cuts Cloud Storage Pricing by up to 19 Percent

According to AWS’ Monday announcement, the cost of storage will be up to 19 percent less than before, effective November 1, 2010. There’s a new pricing tier at the 1 TB level, and the current 50 to 100 TB tier has been removed, effectively extending the volume discounts to more Amazon S3 customers…read more

Web Hosting Treats From UK2 this Halloween

This Halloween are rolling out fantastic deals on their web hosting packages. These ‘web hosting treats’ as they have been dubbed include up to 3 free products which comprise a listing in their Business Directory, Search Engine Submission tools and Stats2 – a real-time website monitoring more