Reviews For Web Hosts – Who Writes Them

Have you ever reviewed a product you have bought; I haven’t. And nobody I know has every reviewed a product either. They just buy things and if they don’t like them they complain to the company. If I am going to be paying money for a product then I will expect it to be a good product so I don’t see the point of praising a company for doing their job. I would imagine that the vast majority of people who use web hosting don’t write reviews so this begs the question of who is actually writing them.

I do know that there are people who do like to write reviews for almost anything; it seems like a hobby to them. However I wouldn’t think that these people would be giving a fair representation of the web host user as they would be in the minority. I would not say that the web hosting reviews that are out there are reliable at all as they surely couldn’t represent the views of the majority of people. So remember that the next time you read a web hosting review, it was probably written by the person who will write a review for absolutely everything that they buy.

Also remember that the web hosting providers can be guilty of writing reviews about their services themselves. Now if I had the job of promoting my company I would probably end up doing the very same thing. I have actually heard that while some web hosts concentrate on writing glowing reviews to promote their own service, others tend to focus on writing negative reviews of their competitors services instead.

This all means that those web hosting reviews we read might be of very limited value or maybe that is just me being a bit cynical.

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