Four Big Web Hosting Myths

Some of the web hosting information which you might come across can be quite misleading. Some of these myths are quite harmless but others might cause you to make poor web hosting choices. Here are the most common myths you will hear about web hosting.

1) You can judge the quality of web hosting by reviews and testimonials. Quite often these days any review or testimonial that you come across has not been written by a customer of the web host but rather by the web host themselves or someone that they have paid. In fact there is now a lot of money to be made from writing flattering reviews for a company’s products and by writing negative reviews of their competition. This all means that reviews and testimonials are very unreliable in many instances.

2) It won’t cost you anything to get a free web hosting service. This is not always true and while you won’t actually have to pay any money, you will have to pay in some other way. One of the main ways that free web hosts make their money from your site is by insisting that you put advertisements on your site.

3) It is always a bad idea to choose a free web host. This myth also needs to be quashed. There are some very good free options; for example in the UK the government has combined with BT to provide free hosting to small businesses. It is too broad to say that all free web hosting is bad as it simply isn’t true.

4) Unlimited space is the thing you need to consider first and foremost when choosing web hosting. This is another myth and there is no host that can really offer unlimited storage. All of them will have clauses in their terms of service and will soon let you know when you start to store too much on their server. This gimmick is just that – a gimmick in order to get people to sign up.

When you decide to go into internet marketing, you should make sure that you have web hosting dealt with beforehand. But the world of web hosting can be confusing. For instance, you could find free web hosting or even dedicated servers while searching different options.