Is Your Web Hosting Provider Making Good On Its Promises

Most web hosting companies will have a good reputation but even that won’t stop some of them from making promises that it won’t be able to keep. Even though some of these promises may be quite minor, some people think that no matter what, you should never intentionally mislead the customer.

Promising Unlimited Storage Space.

No web hosting company can actually provide an unlimited amount of storage space – it’s just not possible. What the web hosting company is actually hoping is that most of their customers will only need a small amount of space and that nobody is really going to need a huge amount. And if you check the small print on your contract or terms of service you will see that there actually is a limit to the amount of storage space that you will be provided with. Do not think that you will have an unlimited amount of space even though, what you do have should really be sufficient for the requirements of your website.

A Free Domain Name.

Nothing in this world is free and what a free domain name usually means is that you are then beholden to this company if you want to continue using this name. And if you decide to switch to another web hosting company, it won’t be long before you realise that to take this domain name with you will not be ‘free’. Buying the domain name off this company could cost a small fortune so you have two choices; you stay with them or pay the ransom how’s that for free.

Web Hosting For Free.

This will normally result in your website being full of adverts. Nobody is going to provide you with free web hosting out of the goodness of their hearts. If they don’t charge you they will make money by sticking lots of advertisements on your site. You will probably have no choice over what advertisements are put there so when your grandparents come to view the pictures of your child’s christening they will be treated to invitations to view live porn.

When you decide to go into internet marketing, you should make sure that you have web hosting sorted out. But the world of web hosting can be confusing. For instance, you could find free web hosting or even dedicated servers when you are looking at different hosting plans.