What Is Cpanel Web Hosting?

Many web hosts have found the control panel cPanel very popular. And with good reason. The reason why these control panels are such an important part of web hosting is because they let the website owner have some modicum of control over their own accounts. Managing passwords, managing email accounts, examining website statistics, accessing MySQL databases, managing uploading of files through FTP and being able to make backups of website pages are some of the things that cPanel allows users to control. Having access to cPanel will make it that much easier to manage your website. It also provides many useful functions for the web host and any resellers who need access.

The Unix based cPanel control panel is a graphic interface. The cPanel provides different functionality depending on who is using the system. There will be different functions available for the web host than there will be for the website owner. The great thing about cPanel is that it can work with a variety of different web hosting services including dedicated hosting.

Most website owners and web hosts would consider cPanel to be one of the few essential platforms around. If you are considering what type of web hosting service to choose then this should be one of the services you look for. And if you really want to ensure the success of your online business, having cPanel is very important. It is also important that you check that the cPanel you are getting has all the features that you require because they do not all have advanced features which could include site statistics.

Controlling your website is a much easier task when you are using the cPanel control panel. The cPanel is not too difficult to master and this is the real beauty of the system. It simplifies things and that is why so many like it.

Whenever you make your decision to enter the big, bad world of internet marketing, you should really have web hosting set up beforehand. But the world of web hosting can be confusing. For instance, you could find reseller web hosting or even linux web hosting when you are looking at different hosting plans.