Web Hosting And HTML

When it comes to creating websites, the code which is used quite often is called HTML. When the webpage gets uploaded to the server it is in HTML format but it is not important for you to understand this code these days if you want to create a website. But knowing a little bit about HTML can be very useful even though you do not have to know about it in order to manage a successful website.

What is meant by HTML code?

HTML is the most popular form of coding for websites and it stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. The code provides information about how the text and images on the web page should be laid out. When a visitor comes to your site, the server sends this HTML code to them. All your HTML code is stored on the server of the web host who will send it out as needed. The code is sent to the computer of the visitor where the web pages get recreated on their computer screen. Everyone knows the famous “http” which is seen at the beginning of web addresses and this is called Hypertext Transfer Protocol which passes the information.

Another way of communicating with the computer is HTML code. It is no more the computer’s language than everyday English, but it does make things easier. The great thing about HTML code is that it can handle other codes like Java Script. HTML was written specifically for the internet in 1990 by a physicist called Tim Berners-Lee. Most of the World Wide Web contains HTML coding these days.

The data that you send to the web host and that they store is in HTML format so it can be useful to understand it especially as it is quite easy to learn. Being able to understand your web page in code is something that can be very worthwhile as it can be quite informative.

Anybody thinking about venturing into internet marketing should have web hosting set up beforehand. The web hosting world can be a confusing one though for a newbie. For instance, you could find reseller web hosting or even linux web hosting on your travels.